Shorebird survey in 40 countries starts next week – last recruiting push

The worsening Pandemic doesn't help in organising an international survey program, involving a few hundred participants. Nevertheless, the Eurasian Shorebird Survey will start its long journey next weekend with just under 150 survey sites in 40 different countries.

The numbers are below the expectations, but considering the current worldwide situation, we should be proud of this result. We still find it challenging to reach out to local birdwatchers and potential surveyors of some of the European countries, like Poland, France and Germany, to name a few. ESS begs for a network of national coordinators. Building this network will be our next task.

If you feel your country could do better, please help us to make a difference, ideally before the program kicks off. We need to reach the potential surveyors through the best communication platforms. Facebook is not necessarily one of them.

The PDF info sheet is available in English and waiting for being translated into local languages. Arabic, Spanish, Icelandic, Belarusian, Russian and Hungarian versions are ready, while the French, Hindi and Bulgarian are under translation.

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