"One Swallow Doesn't Make the Summer" – Join the flock for shorebirds

Updated: Mar 25

In Hungary, we have a saying that "One swallow doesn't make the summer". It means that group efforts always win over solitary activities regardless of how enthusiastic that individual is. The Shorebird Conservation Society brings together all those who believe that our work and activities are a crucial part of the global shorebird conservation.

Wilson's Plover at her nest. Photo credit: Kevin T. Karlson @ Kevin T. Karlson.All Rights Reserved

To transform the Shorebird Conservation Society into a productive community, we need you to join us. The public cannot be approached with only a few dozens of supporters standing by our mission. It is free to join, and the member decides whether to support the efforts financially or not. You can donate towards our work from as little as £1.

We have been counting on you. To join, fill out the form via this link: https://www.shorebirdconservation.org/membership

To check where your donation goes, please visit our Donation tracker page: https://www.shorebirdconservation.org/donation-tracker

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