Launching the CHARADRIUS vSociety

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I know, many of you are raising the eyebrows right now on this character mess, but give it some time. Everything will line up perfectly.

So, here is a new society, a virtual one, for shorebirds. It's virtual at the moment but eventually will turn into a real organisation.


This community brings like-minded people together and will have an impact on global shorebird conservation.

'Kissing' baby Piping Plover. © Jay & Heather Rand

There is a saying that 'One swallow doesn't make the Summer' what means, we need more people on board to make a shorebirdy Summer and bring more hope for a brighter future for shorebirds. Follow the development of this new initiative and don't be afraid to ask your questions.

The recently introduced Eurasian Shorebird Survey (ESS) and also the well-known World Shorebirds Day is now under the umbrella of the CHARADRIUS vSociety. All future events and programs will be organised under this new community. The World Shorebirds Day website remains the same under the known URL.

Plans to have small grants available annually is already in place. Hopefully, we can support some of you and your projects in the foreseeable future. Scratch your head, what you could do for shorebirds, and we scratch ours, how to get it funded.

Please make sure you follow the news feed and also consider to join our new mail group:

Finally, thanks for all the incredible photographers who contributed their excellent photos to this new website: Dorian Anderson, Jay and Heather Rand, Aravind Venkatraman, De Ruwe Filip and Ganesh Jayaraman.

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