Happy World Migratory Birds Day

Being a conservationist isn't the most satisfactory task these days. We are engulfed with devastating news about slaughtering migratory birds or destruction of their stopover or refuelling habitats. We hear about these every day. The plummeting population figures, the ever-expanding Red List and the disappearance of species in front of our eyes makes it hard to digest and even harder to carry on. Greed and prioritising money over natural resources are still the biggest threat to wild bird populations and the entire ecosystem.

Yet, we have cases that give us hope that no all is lost. Despite all the obstacles, disappointments and frustrations, conservation bodies do their part to protect the remaining fragments of migratory bird populations. We all work hard to protect existing habitats, creating new ones along the flyways, to preserve vital food sources for migratory birds, to tackle climate change caused habitat changes, to educate ourselves and the wide public to bring up more environmentally sensitive generations.

To avoid a complete crash of the ecosystem, we have to unite and act now, Amateurs or professionals, teachers or students, hunters or conservationists – it doesn't matter, but we have to unite now. It is hard to turn this trend around, but extinction is forever. We "only get one chance to get it right". The narrow-minded, careless and selfish generation (not generalising at all) must be transformed into a creative and protective community that ensures the future of global biodiversity.

Today, let's celebrate those who work effortlessly to protect migratory birds anywhere in the world.

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