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Who are we?

The CHARADRIUS vSociety is a virtual community formed to highlight the plight of shorebird populations on a global scale. The community is represented by individuals from extraordinary diverse fields. Scientists, bird conservationists, teachers, students, park rangers, hunters, bird stewards, birdwatchers, citizen scientists, young-environmentalists and climate activists, wildlife artists and photographers, authors and publishers and many, many more are working to protect shorebirds and their habitats all over the world.

The CHARADRIUS vSociety is a new approach to group all these people who potentially have never met each other but work for one common goal: to protect shorebirds. We aim to transform outsiders into insiders through community education, programs and events.

Why CHARADRIUS? The Charadrius plovers are inhabiting 6 of the 7 continents so everyone must be familiar with at least one species from this family. The Charadrius genus represents critically endangered, near threatened, vulnerable and least concern species with different conservation challenges. Sadly, the future of many plovers species are uncertain and conservationists are walking on thin ice to save this adorable shorebird family. Nevertheless, this community is for all shorebirds species.

The Target

Join the CHARADRIUS vSociety if you agree with its mission:

  • to highlight the plight of shorebird populations for the general public, especially the young generations, through community education;

  • to take actions for protecting important shorebird sites;

  • to partner with local NGOs for more effective shorebird conservation;

  • To support local organisations in shorebird conservation efforts;

  • to pledge more citizen-scientists and bird-stewards for shorebird conservation where it has no tradition.


Support Us

If you think the CHARADRIUS vSociety is a worthy initiative to support, then consider donating from as little as £1.50. If you think £1 doesn't make any difference, think again. All donations are for shorebirds.

Get ready to win

A year subscription for the Birds Of The World web portal will be gifted to someone who participates and regularly submits counting results to eBird. This website provides detailed information about all the birds of the world including spectacular artworks. The winner will be drawn later next year. More information is at 


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Many thanks to Jay and Heather rand for the adorable front page header photo of a kissing baby Piping Plover. All rights reserved by Jay & Heather Rand.

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