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Who are we?

The Shorebird Conservation Society is a community formed to highlight the plight of shorebird populations on a global scale. The community is represented by individuals from extraordinary diverse fields. Scientists, bird conservationists, teachers, students, park rangers, hunters, bird stewards, birdwatchers, citizen scientists, young-environmentalists and climate activists, wildlife artists and photographers, authors and publishers work together to protect shorebirds and their habitats all over the world. We aim to transform outsiders into insiders through community education, programs and events.

Our society is a new approach to work for shorebirds. These days, when every penny counts we set up a new approach of forming a supportive community. Unless large NGOs do, we would not spend millions on giving back to our members, but rather spending that money on shorebirds and sharing the good news with our members. Our members are entitled to having discounts and using the opportunity to preorder any products of the society before release at a reduced price.


Join our £1 fund-raising challenge to support shorebird conservation and land-purchase for shorebirds. Don't underestimate the power of your £1 donation.

Our mission

  • to highlight the plight of shorebird populations for the general public, especially the young generations, through community education,citizen-science and research;

  • to take actions for identifying and protecting important shorebird sites;

  • to partner with local NGOs for more effective shorebird conservation;

  • To support local organisations in shorebird conservation efforts;

  • to pledge more citizen-scientists and bird-stewards for shorebird conservation where it has no tradition;

  • to initiate habitat restoration projects for shorebirds.


Be Our Local Coordinator

Citizen Science programs rely on a network of volunteers and the success of those programs relies on the number of volunteers willing to participate and support our goals. We are looking for local/regional/national coordinators who can influence local birders and potential volunteers to take part in our programs/projects.

Get ready to win

A year subscription for the Birds Of The World web portal will be gifted to someone who participates and regularly submits counting results to eBird. This website provides detailed information about all the birds of the world including spectacular artworks. The winner will be drawn later next year. More information is at 


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